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Home Town Vintage has redesigned its sites to better serve our customers

Home Town Vintage has redesigned its sites to better serve our customers.

At Hometownvintage.com we have redesigned our sites to help our customers find the products they are looking to purchase. We noticed it was hard for our customers to find the correct products with the 1000’s of different products we sell.

Our sites have now been made into two sites. Home Town Vintage will sell all of our new items and Auto Parts Puller will sell our unique and vintage items. We strongly believe in the recapturing our history and the creativity of older used items as well as benefiting our future as part of a green planet. We need to get every bit of use out of everything that is made before it’s recycled and made into a new product. By providing unique glass and metal products for resale we are able to grasp parts of our history as well as save lots of landfill space.  We feel that repurposing of top quality items is a must in our world today.   Not only for the sake of our future but, to keep the past close at hand.  Many of them are made with the best tooling and care possible. What seems to be a fleeting object now will be our fading history that can only be found through people who treasure these unique pieces.

Home Town Vintage is now refocused on selling our new products. We sell Skeleton Key charms and wood craft products that are all made to exact standards. Our goal is to bring you the best top quality items we can.   We carry these items in quantity and can fulfill your purchase needs in any amount.

Our wood products are made on CNC lathe and mill. We strive for perfect dimensions so each item is checked for perfect size and shape. We ONLY support sustainable products. We strive to Reuse as well as buy smarter. In our shop we have 100 year old tools that will probably last another 100 years and we have no intension of replacing any of the tools for new one. We always go with what makes the best final product. Sometimes that’s advanced CNC sometimes its 100 year old know how.

We cast our own metal products as well as buy them in. We have our own forge and casting facilities we also have our own mold making equipment for new designs.  We can custom make a specific project or you can buy our beautiful pieces of art as they are listed.

Between Autopartspuller.com and HomeTownVintage.com, we hope to fulfill your needs for creative and unique treasures, whether new or old.  We will help enhance your future, while saving both the earth and our history for years to come.



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