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This week picks are a great set of used GM OE Manuals

2016-01-10 14:34:03 hvcompton

This week picks are a great set of used GM OE Manuals

This week picks are a great set of used GM OE Manuals for cars from the 70’s-2000. All in usable condition and will be listing them ASAP. We have purchased a shop with a full chase of OE manuals and Snap-On Manuals. Also included in the purchase was a large lot of small parts. New and used parts of all kinds. We are shifting our focus to selling automotive products. We will be selling a full range of used parts. Many will be from cars we are parting out so feel free to drop us a line and ask if we have any other parts from the same car or truck. Many of them are also new in the box.

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HomeTownVintage and AutoPartsPuller have changed!

2015-11-24 22:18:46 hvcompton

HomeTownVintage and AutoPartsPuller have changed


We now have two eBay stores one for http://hometownvintage.com/ and another for http://autopartspuller.com/


We now have a huge selection of manuals and other automotive parts for sale and will continue to offer more as we get them listed. Check them out they are mostly GM OEM manuals.  http://autopartspuller.com


Our huge assortment of vintage rubber scrapbooking stamps are located on http://hometownvintage.com/ We have a large assortment of vintage PSX (Personal Stamp Exchange) Hero Arts, Stampin Up!, and many many more. Over 10,000 stamps in our inventory.


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Home Town Vintage has set up a new site for scrapbooking stamps

2014-11-25 10:57:21 hvcompton

Home Town Vintage has set up a new site for scrapbooking stamps


We have built a new site just for a large assortment of scrapbooking stamps. We have over ten thousand scrapbooking stamps ready for sale. We have already sold thousands of stamps and barley scratch the surface of the hoard we are sitting on. Please check out our eBay store at http://hometownvintage.com/ and see if you see anything you like and be sure to check back often as new stamps will be listed every day. You can also find us on twitter @hometownvintage  and on facebook as well. Feel free to make an offer if you like. We have a lot of product to move so we are selling at fantastic deals thru the holidays. With more coming in everyday we are looking to sell as many as possible. We have all the top brands and some you have never herd of before. Many vintage from the early 80’s and some even harder to find. From the smallest little stamp to full page and many card sized stamps. We have them all. If you need it and don’t see it just ask we probably have one just not listed.


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Home Town Vintage.com is selling lots of great easter items

2014-04-07 12:57:46 hvcompton

Home Town Vintage.com is selling lots of great easter items


Home Town Vintage.com is selling lots of great easter items. We have tons of great items for sale. We sell a great variety of wood products and Skeleton Keys. Our wood is all made in the USA and 100% top quality items. Our skeleton Keys are 100% lead free alloy and are made to be used as jewelry and crafts. These are made with great care to look like the real thing and not have the weight of the real thing. SO they can be used for bracelets and charms without the uncomfortable weight of a real steel key. They also do not rust or change color over time.


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New items picked this month

2014-04-02 13:09:45 hvcompton

New items picked this month

We are having an Easter sale at autopartspuller.com Please take a look around and see if you see anything you like. http://autopartspuller.com/

This month we got a large set of copper Balti Bowls along with a large Handi Chafing pot for cooking for a large family. Also some great Adams Wedgwood. Since the factory burnt down in early 90’s this stuff is getting very hard to find especially in the funky mint green color. We also got a large cabbage leaf serving bowl made by Bordallo Pinheiro and a nice cut clear glass Federal Glass luncheon set. Along with these items we also took in a ton of new copper and lots of other fine vintage and antiques. We also got in a large assortment of new products for http://hometownvintage.com/


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Home Town Vintage has redesigned its sites to better serve our customers

2014-03-25 13:10:45 hvcompton

Home Town Vintage has redesigned its sites to better serve our customers.

At Hometownvintage.com we have redesigned our sites to help our customers find the products they are looking to purchase. We noticed it was hard for our customers to find the correct products with the 1000’s of different products we sell.

Our sites have now been made into two sites. Home Town Vintage will sell all of our new items and Auto Parts Puller will sell our unique and vintage items. We strongly believe in the recapturing our history and the creativity of older used items as well as benefiting our future as part of a green planet. We need to get every bit of use out of everything that is made before it’s recycled and made into a new product. By providing unique glass and metal products for resale we are able to grasp parts of our history as well as save lots of landfill space.  We feel that repurposing of top quality items is a must in our world today.   Not only for the sake of our future but, to keep the past close at hand.  Many of them are made with the best tooling and care possible. What seems to be a fleeting object now will be our fading history that can only be found through people who treasure these unique pieces.

Home Town Vintage is now refocused on selling our new products. We sell Skeleton Key charms and wood craft products that are all made to exact standards. Our goal is to bring you the best top quality items we can.   We carry these items in quantity and can fulfill your purchase needs in any amount.

Our wood products are made on CNC lathe and mill. We strive for perfect dimensions so each item is checked for perfect size and shape. We ONLY support sustainable products. We strive to Reuse as well as buy smarter. In our shop we have 100 year old tools that will probably last another 100 years and we have no intension of replacing any of the tools for new one. We always go with what makes the best final product. Sometimes that’s advanced CNC sometimes its 100 year old know how.

We cast our own metal products as well as buy them in. We have our own forge and casting facilities we also have our own mold making equipment for new designs.  We can custom make a specific project or you can buy our beautiful pieces of art as they are listed.

Between Autopartspuller.com and HomeTownVintage.com, we hope to fulfill your needs for creative and unique treasures, whether new or old.  We will help enhance your future, while saving both the earth and our history for years to come.



Home Town Vintage

Home Town Vintage Store Front

Auto Parts Puller eBay Store Front


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New address for our eBay Store!! autopartspuller.com

2014-01-27 19:19:43 hvcompton

New address for our eBay Store!! autopartspuller.com

AutoPartsPuller.com  will take you right there!

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End of year clearance sale!

2014-01-20 16:16:59 hvcompton

End of year clearance sale!

We are clearing out a bunch of items off our eBay store and passing the savings on to our customers.

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Hugh eBay Black Friday Sale Start Thursday Morning!!!

2013-11-27 23:39:26 hvcompton

Hugh Black Friday Sale Start Thursday Morning!!!

We are holding black Friday sales from Thursday Morning until Dec 2nd. With Some items Going on and off sale every day!! Each day a new category will be on sale and prices will be further reduced.

We have stocked up for Black Friday and have tons of items on sale. We also have decided to rotate our stock. All items must go! If you see an item make us an offer we will be making deals and SHIPPING FAST!

Click Here to See Our Ebay Sales.




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Weekly Picks For 11-27

2013-11-27 23:30:42 hvcompton

Weekly Picks For 11-27


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